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It's Been a Long Journey

(80 pages)

It’s Been A Long Journey was written as an act of obedience. Allow me to share my journey with you as I share intimate details about my life from my birth until now. It’s a journey that I am excited about! The book reveals some of my closest lifelong friends and people that have been very influential to me. Find out how I raise my children. Moving moments about the first time I felt the Holy Spirit and when I received Christ are all here. Amazingly, I open up about my spiritual gifts. Read about some of the most powerful spiritual encounters and visions that the spirit revealed to me. Find out why I felt like Jonah after I was called into ministry. The book encourages and enlightens. It strengthens, builds, and ministers to the hearts of God’s people. It’s Been a Long Journey that proves that many are called but few are chosen!

Mathew 22:14

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