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Getting Started With Avon

Ebook - 80 Pages

When I first started my Avon business years ago, I had a lot of questions about my new business. Avon offers awesome training but there were things I wanted to know that were a matter of personal experience. Direct sales can be a little overwhelming for some. This guide helps representatives learn how to effectively market and grow their new business. Everything from the basics to how to become a top seller is here. The chapters are easy-to-follow with tips, resoures, and illustrations to help representatives understand how to professionally serve clients. The guide is good for anyone wanting to start an Avon business or any Avon representative. How long a person has been a rep is not a factor. If you’re a representative that has your own downline or would like to start one, this guide will help you and your downline. This guide makes training a downline easy. “Getting Started With Avon” helps resentatives by teaching them how to successfully start and build their Avon business.

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