The Alpha Curriculum

The Alpha Curriculum published in 2007 is a bilingual workbook for children ages 3 to 6. Isn't it a great idea to prepare children for what's ahead? When my firstborn started kindergarten, her teacher new that this was a child that was already given a head up! Today my oldest child that I taught from this curriculum just graduated for college with a 4.0 and made the deans list.

She and other children I taught in my family daycare were taught from worksheets I created myself. When parents started noticing that their children were learning their ABC's, 123's, counting, math, reading, writing, cutting, colors, & more, I knew I was on to something. Though it took me years to compile the worksheets i'd created, the principals are still the same today! Children that use this workbook are still learning. I've even included Spanish, color sheets, bible verses & encouragement to keep educators and parents inspired.

This is a great learning tool for home school parents, Sunday school, and daycare centers. Print one page at a time if you like or email me a request if you'd like to order a print copy. Your Child will be well on his or her way!

Note: Ask about the Alpha Curriculum 2nd edition

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