Facebook Marketing Course & Planner

This easy facebook course and planner shares tips and resources as to how to effectively market a business on facebook. I've been marketing my businesses on facebook now for the last seven years. I am honest at saying that most of the sales I generate are through facebook. I've tried just about every way of marketing on social media and have come up with a comprehensive plan that helps me target specific groups and attract the attention of those that can use what I have to offer. There are simple things entrepreneurs may be doing wrong that could be costing them clients. I help marketers track and document what they are doing on facebook by providing them with planner sheets. The course shares things marketers can do today and everyday to help gain more followers and generate more sales.

Print and bind in a three ring notebook or folder. If you are interested in a print copy, send an email request to: sheffieldvictoria39@gmail.com

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