A Writers Guide to Writing A Masterpiece

As a writing coach and publisher, I understand how hard it may be for those that wish to become an author for the first time. In 2007 I wrote my first book without any knowledge about what I was doing. I will never forget how hard it was all those years ago wanting to write a book but not knowing the first place to start. Of course I did my research but things still seemed confusing. I had no idea how to format a book or even how to compile the different components. The entire new project was a mystery. Sure I had ideas and visualized what I wanted but trying to put it altogether was a challenge. Just learning about the legalities and the whole marketing and promotion thing was another task. If I had a guide to help me with all of my questions, writing my first book would have been easier. This guide was created to help new and other authors organize the details and ideas of their new book and answer frequently asked questions. This is not only a writing workbook, but a place where writers can journal. When completed, give this to a publisher or use it to self-publish.

Maybe you’re wondering how you can protect your work by having it copyrighted. The forms you need, how much this will cost you, and where to file your work is all here. Are you wondering who can help you with barcode labeling or how to get your book in store? Maybe you have questions about other legalities about book publishing. This workbook may just be for you. The workbook not only makes my job easier but takes the hassle away and makes writing your masterpiece a breeze. (75 Pages)

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