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The CWBN Times Magazine is a spin off of my business network - Christian Women's Business Network. We are women about business (in every area of our lives!) Our emphasis is on business but if you are not an entrepreneur we still want to empower you to be great. Even if you haven't reached the point of vision in your life, we encourage you to connect with us. The vision of the network is to share resources, tips, training, support, membership, workshops, and empowerment for women of vision. Women from every ethnic background in the world are welcome. As a business coach, evangelist, and motivator, I am called to empower and inspire women to live their best life. In this life, we only have one opportunity to be the best at whatever God has called us to do. I am here to help push you into your purpose!

In this magazine women and also men will be inspired to step out in the deep and take leaps of faith. The resources needed to help be a success and tips have been highlighted. I even took the time to write articles myself and allowed two influential business owners to share their success stories. Four amazing authors are spotlighted and share the details of their books. I've taken my time to produce a magazine that will aid people in making their business or ministry a success.

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Business Coach - Motivator - Wealth Generator - Author - Dr.

Victoria Sheffield

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