100 Tips for Direct Sales Leaders


Open this book up on any page and find out what I've done over the last 17 years to grow my direct sales business. Unless you've tried it all giving up is not an option!

Many take the huge step in starting a direct sales business. There are some that seem to think that direct sales is pretty much the same as pyramid schemes. Little that they know about this billionaire industry. The truth is that many people in this type of business are very successful. I know because for the last 17 years, I’ve enjoyed working with one of the top direct sales companies. (Avon) When I started my business I made up my mind that I would succeed no matter what.

I’ve joined a few companies over the years and became very successful with the others too. What I now know is that most direct sales companies operate pretty much the same. With proper training and support anyone willing can be successful. Other things that can help is having great products and services to promote. A positive attitude, hard work, and a consistent system can make the world of difference. In this book I hope to share with direct sales leaders simple things that can help with prospecting, growing a strong team, and making sales.

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