Wound Healing Journal

How to Use: The Journal is an Instant Download. If you want a print copy, I can mail you one for $20. (includes shipping) Print, use a hole puncher, then add the pages to your favorite notebook or three ring folder. Additional journaling instructions are in the journal.

Email me for print copies: [email protected]

We've all been hurt in our lives. Some of us more so than others. Most of us haven't dealt with the scars and wounds left behind. Just like many I've suffered trauma in my life and know what it feels like to be mentally bound and captive. Unfortunately sometimes our past is taken into our future. This causes those wounds to affect our present relationships.

Today through prayer, forgiveness, and acknowledgement, I am set free and you can be too. I created this journal to help those wounded by there past and present heal. (plus a powerful prayer at the end of the journal) Through my deliverance and healing ministry Chain Breaking Ministries, God has allowed me to not only create this journal but to use it to during my Wound Healing Workshop and during my next Hiding Behind the Mask Conference.

Journaling is a creative way to open up and to communicate without having to say one word. If you are a person hard at expressing your emotions, this just may bless you!

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